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Used to describe the people of the region, the dialect, etc. A general name for plastic containers used in housekeeping tasks, such as dishwashing, washing clothes, etc. Tourist accomodation in residential buildings and private houses homestays , rather than in hotels, hostels and other designated locations. Generally, it means to catch.

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It can be used with the meaning of catching up with someone. This is a common barbershop service, applied to male facial hair. Despite being young. This expression demonstrates how you can use the expression 'Apesar de' while omitting the verb to be ser.

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Literally, 'learn, because I won't live forever'. An expression used to encourage people to listen to you and heed your advice. A typical dish from the Portuguese region of Minho, which is a stew mainly with rice and pig's blood, with other additional ingredients. Typical Portuguese christmas cake, flat round piece of dough which is fried on both sides. Expression used to describe songs that are considered typical of festivals festive songs very upbeat or at least with a strong rhythm, catchy, rather formulaic. Little paws, mostly used for dogs and bears or cats, not very correct when referring to a prawn, but still used because it's cuter than saying legs.

Proof of residence or proof of address, an official document issued by the Portuguese local administrative units Juntas de Freguesia. A type of religiously motivated public execution promoted in medieval times by the Catholic Church Inquisition. Applicable both to the taste of an ingested substance or to the perception of a person's mood.

The most central and important district of Lisbon, where you will find most of the shopping and entertainment options. This battle took place in between Portuguese and Castilian troops. Punched potatoes, a way of cooking potatoes that involves punching them at the end, either manually or with a cooking utensil, so that they can later be soaked in olive oil. Cheater, as in someone who cheats on a game.

Someone who cheats on a romantic partner or betrays someone is called 'traidor' or 'traidora'.

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As an adjective, it means devout, and it can be used both in a neutral and derogatory sense as in someone who is obsessively devout, goody goody or maybe even a hypocrite. Roadside, with 'estrada' being used for roads in general and 'autoestrada' specifically for highways. This area of central Portugal has been divided up in multiple different ways throughout time and Beiras became an umbrella term to refer to it.

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Right on sight. Used for something that is plainly visible or plainly obvious to understand. Bidet, a very small tub usually next to a toilet for complimentary hygiene purposes. They're usually named according to the type of meat and cut note that cuts vary from country to country.

Good evening," good night. Can be used both as a greeting and as a farewell. In this context, it means blister e. It also generally translates to bubble. Generally means 'enjoy'. Most often used when people are about to eat 'enjoy your meal'. Ceramic dolls that exemplify the daily life of the people of Alentejo. A casual way to refer to someone considered very attractive. To make a toast or offer something. Portuguese slang term, usually reserved for younger people and strictly in informal contexts.

A funny play on words that's used to call someone very dumb, by first making them think they're being told how to spell the word 'burro' donkey , and then insulting them.

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Straightened hair. Hair that is naturally straight would be called 'cabelo liso'. Sad, upset, feeling down.

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Espresso made without using the first few drops that leave the machine. The name translates to 'green broth'. Technically, the words are synonymous and both mean bald. However, common usage sometimes dictates that 'calvo a ' refers to people who are only bald on top, while 'careca' is for those who have a fully bald head. Channel, as in TV channel. It also means simply canal, as in water canal. Swear words. This particular expression derives from a Portuguese swear word, 'caralho', which makes it inappropriate in most contexts!

One of the few Carnival festivities that remains faithful to the tradition of celebrating Carnival in Portugal. Lyrics of a Portuguese children's song called 'A saia da Carolina' Carolina's skirt. Doorwoman's home, a residential fraction in a building specifically designated to be occupied by a doorwoman. As it is now rare to have a dedicated doorwoman living in the building, many of those apartments are now being put on the housing market and sold as a regular unit. Security deposit, which might be used to cover missing payments, damages to property, etc. A way to say that something will happen, has happened or should happen exactly as promised or expected.

Comparable to interjections such as 'geez' or 'damn' and most often used to express frustration, disapproval or anger.

Inappropriate, but not explicitly offensive. Used as a slang word in Algarve south of Portugal to mean 'idiot' or 'fool'. A barbecue restaurant can be called 'churrasqueira' or 'churrascaria'. Clergy, the social class in medieval times to which belonged priests and other religious leaders. A red-colored spice added to food. In Portugal, that spice is usually paprika.

Sadly, unfortunately. The literal translation could be 'With a lot of sorrow from me'. Marcar, ex: queres combinar um cinema comigo? Apertar: to squeeze. This expression refers to when something starts to push, something else happens as a result.

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The people responsible for dealing with clients and selling them a product or service - salespeople. A Portuguese Christian tradition that consists of visiting the house of those who want to receive it with the Crucifix of Christ on Easter day. Committed to someone so, in a relationship or to something such as a project.

May refer to an apartment in a large apartment building condo or a condo association.

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Renowned, memorable. In a religious sense, it also means to make sacred or to dedicate to a religious purpose. The direct English translation is 'consecrated'. To repair, to fix up. Common to both European and Brazilian Portuguese, even though EU Portuguese speakers might tend to prefer other synonyms, such as 'reparar' or 'arranjar'. Something that is criticized, questioned, that generates debate or controversy.

To cut something in circular slices. Caber: to fit.