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Change zip. Panel content and markup goes here. Chapter 1: Multi-line Phone Systems. Expandable up to twelve handsets that can be named to facilitate ease of communication. Handsets have intercoms, speakerphones, and mute options. No hold button on the handset creating the possibility for awkward silences and dead air time. Static noises and poor reception at times affect call quality. Intercom and call transfer capability between handsets. Alarm clock and schedule reminders with a do not disturb mode. Handsets are prone to interference, often projecting fuzzy static making it difficult to hear parts of conversations.

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Handsets struggle for reception away from the base set. Difficult to reach technical support from Uniden. Expandable up to 12 handsets using only one phone jack. Ability to call in from anywhere to check voicemails. Exceptional sound quality. Headset does not designate when other lines are in use, you must use the base station. Compatible with one to four telephone lines. Easy to set up and configure. Hardware has a history of malfunctioning. When you pick up the phone and select a different line, the first line is automatically put on hold.

Issues with reception and call quality. Three party conferencing and speakerphone. Facilitates up to sixteen work stations. Screen set up and navigation are not intuitive. Call quality varies. Three-party call conferencing and two-way conference recording. Intercom system allows calls to other extensions.

Corded phones so the calls are not mobile. Phones sometimes need to be reprogrammed. Issues with hardware over time. Loud beep every ten seconds when someone is placed on hold. Back to the Intro.

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Onward to Chapter 2. Uniden DECT VTech DS Read Review. Ability to connect to your home or office PC and receive calls from Outlook. Expandable up to ten handsets with one base. Calls are digitized and encrypted protecting them from eavesdropping. Thirty two-number speed dials and name and number phonebook directory. Thirty two-number speed dials and sixteen intercoms. Facilitates up to sixteen base stations. I need to emphasize that this is a corporate-run study that magically ended up with a self-serving result. Your podcast app should be on your home screen and you should train yourself to listen to podcasts during your commute, while cleaning, and during light cardio.

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Be a single-tasker. The below are where most people should start when it comes to productivity and health podcasts. Of course, Tim Ferriss is on this list. But I rounded him out so that you get a diverse set of ideas and approaches. Do not approach your podcast subscriptions as if you need to listen to every episode. Instead, pick and choose the most recent episodes that feel relevant to you. Most people just think having more information is inherently good. Information is never enough for making important changes. You need to get emotionally hooked, amped up and committed.

The podcast format gives you a chance to connect with advice at an emotional level and really feel the social proof. That matters. Second, most advice only works for some people some of the time. Given that observation, it feels entirely natural to me that you would listen to both Jocko Willink and Gretchen Rubin. Do not bother with cliff notes. So skip book summary apps like Blinklist, and embrace reading on the Kindle. So, yes, install the Kindle app. This would be a good app for your home screen. Try to replace mindless social media usage with deep learning via either reading or podcasts.

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Do not bring your phone to bed. That kills your sleep, bad sleep kills your health, and eventually your bad health is going to kill you. Do you want a book recommendation to go with this section? Go buy the sci-fi book Dune and read it in the context of personal development. Also, two behavior design notes:.

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How much smarter would you be if you replaced half of your social media usage with reading? The behavior design implication of that book is that you need to speak to two systems of the brain. Speaking to the rational, Slow System is easy. Just lay out the facts.

But if you accept that difficulty and this is the part of my theory that feels like pop brain science , then you realize that you need to start looking for ways to rewire your emotional core. A self-improvement book is mostly emotional rewiring. That is exactly why you need to read the entire book rather than cheating with a summarized version.

Skip those complications. Safari is good. This mode strips out all of the in-article ads, clutter and junk. I find that it does a great job and saves me from fat-fingering ads that have been placed inside the body of the article. This is amazing and completely changed my experience of reading articles on my phone. The second is related to being in charge of your phone. Advertising on your phone breaks the tool-not-boss rule. Now, build a replacement habit for those dead times in your day when you would be tempted to be on Twitter or Facebook.

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Pick the media that actually makes you smarter and then put apps for that on your home screen. My apps are Medium, Kindle and Podcast.

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These are your deep learning apps and you just need to make sure they are easier to find than your old, shallow, addictive apps. Replacement habits are a very common strategy in behavior design. You might stop using the neural pathway for your old habit, but the neurons are still there, waiting for a moment of weakness. Eventually those cells will die out. You can train a new, strong habit that supersedes your old habit. Skip this step if you already have a way you track steps.

Lots of you have Fitbits or other ways to do this.

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Also, I went looking for some research to include here on the benefits of 10, steps. Unsurprisingly, the pleasing roundness of that number owes more to marketing than to any particular science 9, steps is practically just as good. The science for doing more walking is mixed, and requires piecing together your own projections.

For instance, this Arizona State paper classifies people who walk 10, steps as active and people who walk 12, as highly active. But they leave it up to you to cross reference other studies on the health benefits of being in either activity category.