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These marks glow when Susan is angry, as mentioned in Soul Music. She has on several ocassions demonstrated a preference for the colour black, in that most of her childhood drawings were done in this colour mentioned in Soul Music.


This fixation is not as extreme as that which her mother possessed for the colour pink, and may in fact be a characteristic inherited from Death, who made most of the decorations for his Domain black. She does , however, possess an intense fixation on chocolate, one about which she is very defensive. Another aspect of her personality which may stem from her relationship with Death is the fact that, by her own admission, she is "not very musical" her grandfather also possessed a distinct lack of talent in the field of music , making several unsuccessful attempts to learn how to play the violin.

However, Susan's lack of musical ability may be the result of an upbringing in which imagination and creativity were not encouraged to any degree see below , making it more of an environmentally instilled trait than an inherited one. Susan also has a Look always capitalized , which can be rather disconcerting, even to those in authority, such as her grandfather, and the headmistress of the school in which she teaches.

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Despite being Death's adoptive granddaughter, she has inherited certain of his abilities: She can "walk through walls and live outside time and be a little bit immortal. However, some people, such as Albert or Mustrum Ridcully , who are used to such things, are still able to see her if they concentrate.

Susan can find anyone she seeks, a talent she refers to as a "family trait. Susan also has the ability to use her grandfather's voice Indicated, similar to Death's, "" to command or intimidate others.

Susan has, on several occasions, expressed rather unusual attitudes toward school and education in general: In Soul Music , it is mentioned that "She got on with her education. In her opinion, school kept trying to interfere with it". In Hogfather , Susan compares getting an education to having a communicable sexual disease, in that "It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on". Her most obvious character trait is being sensible, an attribute carefully cultivated by her parents as a counterbalance to the influence of her grandfather.

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Initially, this manifested itself as a refusal to admit the supernatural side of the world beyond basic magic even existed. This is not surprising, given the fact that her parents had informed her from a very early age that there were no such things as the Soul Cake Duck , the Hogfather or the Tooth Fairy.

It has even been suggested that her parents chose to name her Susan specifically because of the sensible and conventional connotations of the name. This upbringing has instilled in her a certain lack of romanticism; her personal appraisal of " a poem about daffodils " is, " Apparently the poet had liked them very much. She can be relied upon to keep her head in a crisis, something she tends to view as a character flaw.

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As the novels progress, Susan proves to be quite good at handling small children, a skill that is attributed to her sensible and practical nature. This is reflected in her novel approach to children's problems. When a child complains about a monster in the cupboard or under the bed, most parents would go to great lengths to carefully explain to the child that there is no monster.

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  7. Susan, on the other hand, simply hands the child a suitable weapon with which to assault the monster, or goes and does it herself. Monsters from a wide area have come to dread the fireplace poker she uses for this task, although as word of Susan has quickly spread among the city's resident monsters, she lately has only needed to deal with newcomers.

    A new book is as unillusioned about the writer as she was about herself.

    Her practical nature is very similar to Granny Weatherwax's Headology , though the two are used in different fashions. Her approach in other areas is also unusual. For example, in her role as a governess she has found that her charges' reading progress has been greatly enhanced by using interesting books which are slightly too difficult for them, and which therefore present something of a challenge. Parents may, however, have reservations about her choice of General Tacticus ' Campaigns as a reader, since it may be argued that the ability to spell 'disembowelled' is not necessarily needed by children under ten.

    As a schoolteacher she is sufficiently successful to have parents clamouring to have their child included in her class. Her approach to history and geography, often subjects which children find rather dull, has particularly captured her class's attention.

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